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"Cosplay" by Captain Murphy

Download this track for FREE at beginning August 18.




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Kardoni captures the spirit of the original ARP Omni Mk2 in a library of programs that deliver this legend right to your desktop.

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Wicked Kits - 5 Free Drum Kits for Ableton Live



Wicked Kits includes 5 free Ableton Live Drum Kits optimized for Live 9 and programmed for real-time performance. It is packed with a number samples from classic drum machines, synths and vinyl.


#monome #mlr2.56AUX

#touchable #animoog

#touchable #animoog

Jonwayne - Ode To Mortality by Stones Throw Records

How to get Sylenth 1 FREE for Mac Voice Tut (by Maggot4Life6SIC6Nate)

The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - The JellyFish Mentality LP by OFWGKTA Official